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What is ELITE Levant Programme?

ELITE is an international business support and capital raising programme designed to help the most ambitious companies to structure for further growth, raise capital and access a network of peers, advisers and investors.

ELITE has become a global community with a common dream: providing companies access to the capital, skills and network needed to strengthen scalable, sustainable and economically impactful enterprises.

ELITE network members includes over 1000 stakeholders: 1700+ ambitious companies, 280 investors and 200 partners around the world which includes the leading advisers that specialise in supporting SMEs.

Scale Up S.A.L, part of Alyafi Group, is operating the ELITE programme in the Levant, (Lebanon, Oman and Kuwait).

A world-class education.

Companies have the opportunity to reflect on its own plans and challenges and learn from others’ experience.
The programme modules are discussion-led and are brought to life by business challenges, case studies and most importantly external experts business leaders, entrepreneurs, advisers and investors.

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Access an outstanding network.

ELITE companies join an exclusive ecosystem of successful company leaders, expert advisers and engaged investors. Companies participate as part of a cohort and  remain part of the community even after completion of the formal programme. 

Compete on a global stage.

ELITE companies will gain visibility through the ELITE website and in national and local press throughout their time on the programme. Our global and influential network gives countless opportunities for companies to increase exposure and strengthen their brand.

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The story of Al Mayass began in Beirut in 1996 with the Alexandrian family, third generation Armenians, who had a passion to share and serve their culinary delights. The objective of Almayass is to have people worldwide experience a unique Lebanese-Armenian fusion cuisine and hospitality, and to expand around the world under a strong franchise system while spreading awareness of the Al Mayass experience.


Bluering is a Fintech company that offers extensive end-to-end solutions for pre-lending decision making for banks and financial institutions helping them to maintain full control over their credit management process and comply with internal and external regulations & policies.


Al Rifai are pioneers in the field of nut-roasting and retailing in Lebanon and the Middle East. Founded in 1948 by Moussa Al Rifai on Mazraa Street in Beirut, the company has grown spectacularly over a span of five decades to become a modern chain with outlets located across Lebanon and the Middle East.