14 Nov 19
14 Nov 19
Matt Barrett - CEO, Adaptive Financial Consulting

Matt Barrett - CEO, Adaptive


Adaptive Financial Consulting builds trading platforms and related infrastructure for financial services, capital and commodity trading markets. It is disrupting the trading marketplace by licensing the most advanced technology in the market to its clients, enabling them to build the innovative solutions they need for their own business, while retaining their own IP.

The company offers its services to those challenged by inflexible and expensive IT platforms, having to upskill their technical teams, and bring new technology and tools into their systems. It was founded in 2012, and has grown from four co-founders to more than two hundred and twenty staff, with offices around the world in London, New York, Montreal and Barcelona.

Adaptive joined ELITE to gain an understanding on how to structure and run a rapidly growing organisation. They wanted to understand how the M & A market for companies works; how to erase debt, how to raise capital, how the different players in the market are motivated and how they themselves make money.