02 Dec 20
02 Dec 20
Inspiring story OxValue Advisers Interview to our ELITE Ambassador Miguel Sánchez de Pedro Senior Partner at OxValue Advisers
What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Entrepreneurship means for me value creation above all. It does not come out of an algorithm nor a secret recipe that fits for all. Value creation, understood as the outcome of blending inspiration, hard work, leadership, teamwork, good governance and social impact. Summing up, doing good and doing it well, that is what entrepreneurship entails to me.
How is OxValue Advisers acting as a game changer in the SMEs landscape?
As a management consulting firm, OxValue Advisers assists SMEs in the finance realm, providing its wide experience of more than 25 years, gained in advising the private sector, governments and multilateral institutions, in emerging economies.
What are the key moments in which companies gain the most from your support and expertise? and what challenges and opportunities have you encountered so far in supporting companies in their growth journey? 
Key moments arise when companies consider venturing into the international arena, or ask for a strategic partner for a merger or acquisition, or at times when they look for advice on strategic finance resource management and business planning.
Having advised to financial institutions and corporates in more than 20 countries, has given me a wide angle in tackling with situations where either an open market economy did not exist before, the technology was not so widespread or available at all, or the education and knowledge in financial matters were scarce. Also policy constraints in their broader sense, were a challenging factor that I could successfully confront through straightforward empathy, strong ethical behaviour and providing my experience in an unobtrusive, frictionless manner.
Why do you think ELITE is the best network to be part of?
Humanity is entering into a new era beyond the economic cycles. Change is a constant factor driving SMEs affairs, as necessary to addressed to every day as if it were another component of the air that nourishes de life of the company. Today SMEs are confronted to global competition, regardless their size, and so, it is becoming more and more important for SMEs to become part of a global network with the size, experience and resources that ELITE offers to companies that have a clear purpose of direction towards an ambitious growth path of value generation.
ELITE is the London Stock Exchange Group’s private market, international business support and capital raising programme for ambitious and fast growing companies. Through ELITE programme, SMES have the opportunity to join an exclusive ecosystem of successful business leaders, experts advisors and engaged investors that specialise in supporting SMEs.
To give you an idea of size, ELITE services 1,533 fast-growing companies in 45 countries and 36 sectors which enable them accessing a vibrant community that facilitates long-term structured engagement with partners and financial stakeholders.
We are ELITE. Are you?

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